Harry and Snowman Movie Showing

Harry and Snowman Movie Showing

Location: ARL Main, Mapes Auditorium(Map)

Contact: Carrie Spain (rescueranch@arl-iowa.org)


Enjoy a movie night at ARL Main for an advanced showing of Harry and Snowman!

Harry and Snowman tells the story of a heartwarming friendship between Dutch immigrant, Harry deLeyer, and Snowman, the plow horse originally bound for slaughter, whom Harry rescues. The film, which will be released to theaters on September 30, explores the unforeseen champion within both of them. In less than two years, the duo went on to win the Triple Crown of show jumping and set world records. Along the way, a life-long and endearing friendship flourished between them. It is a friendship that changed both of their lives forever.

$10 per person

Guests who attend The Mane Event will recieve a code for 50% off!



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