BEYOND ADOPTION: Cats, Cats and more Cats!

BEYOND ADOPTION: Cats, Cats and more Cats!

Location: Mapes Auditorium, ARL Main

Contact: Michaela Devaney (


The ARL is known for pet adoptions, but we do so much more! Join us for a monthly series on hot topics in animal welfare called “Beyond Adoption”.  These FREE 90 minute sessions will be geared towards ARL staff and volunteers, but are open to anyone who is interested in the topic that month.  Attendees are encouraged to bring snacks to share and there will be time allotted for Q&A.


Author of “For Love of Cats” and cat behavior expert, Carol Griglione, will be presenting on innovative cat programs at the Animal Rescue League. With thousands of cats arriving at the Animal Rescue League every year needing care and a new home, the ARL has implemented some innovative and ‘first of the kind’ programs to help in the enrichment and housing of cats while they await their new homes at the ARL, as well as programs to help reduce the cat overpopulation crisis facing not only our area and Iowa as a whole, but the country.  Learn about the work the ARL is doing specifically for cats and the programs especially designed and geared to making cats’ lives better at the shelter.



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