BEYOND ADOPTION: Finding Solutions to Common Pet Behavior Problems

BEYOND ADOPTION: Finding Solutions to Common Pet Behavior Problems

Location: Mapes Auditorium, ARL Main

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The ARL is known for pet adoptions, but we do so much more! Join us for a monthly series on hot topics in animal welfare called “Beyond Adoption”.  These FREE 90 minute sessions will be geared towards ARL staff and volunteers, but are open to anyone who is interested in the topic that month.  Attendees are encouraged to bring snacks to share and there will be time allotted for Q&A.

BEYOND ADOPTION: Finding Solutions to Common Pet Behavior Problems

Before coming to the states, ARL Animal Services Manager, Mick McAuliffe, served as the Director of Animal Behavior and Training for the R.S.P.C.A. Queensland. There he developed assessment, modification and training programs for multiple species. In addition to his extensive work in canine training, Mick has applied his training skills to a variety of animals, from Sea World Australia's large marine mammals to serving as head avian keeper and trainer for a collection of 130 native and exotic birds and developing free-flight shows for visitors. Mick has lectured on Animal Behavior Internationally, working extensively in Australia, Japan, China, England, Saudi Arabia and now the United States.

Mick believes that our pets live with us as part of our family, learning what we like and dislike through everyday experiences. He doesn't believe in dictatorships or set training sessions. Instead, he educates owners on how to teach pets our rules and guidelines each day. Whether you're sitting on your sofa or going for a walk - living is learning. Training should be fun for you and your pet, not stressful. Mick teaches using only positive reinforcement techniques eliminating the need for physical or verbal correction or training equipment that can cause pain or injury. Mick educates owners on how to teach their pets with patience and understanding resulting in a well-mannered pet and building a life-long bond. Mick and his wife Caitlin share their home with four cats, two parrots and their dog Lucy, who are all rescues. Come learn more about his techniques and the direction he has taken the ARL for the past four years!



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