Angie -- Bonded Buddy With Lacey

Animal ID: 109356
Breed: Siamese
Sex: Female
Age: 11 Years 6 Months
Color: Blue Point
Secondary Color: None
Spayed or Neutered: Yes
Site: Shelter Cat Getaway

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Angie and Lacey are Bonded Buddies. They'll be adopted as a pair.

BIG FAN OF: People in her inner circle. It takes Angie quite a long time to become comfortable with people, so be prepared to give her lots of space and time to warm up. Her previous family said that once she trusts you she is very affectionate.

NOT A FAN OF: Strangers, loud noises and being approached too quickly. She's also not a fan of being picked up.

SPECIAL FEATURES: Angie is a loving, adorable, gentle cat, but she is very cautious by nature and wary of strangers. She should be approached quietly and gently, especially while building a rapport. Her previous family said that once she feels safe and has bonded with you, she is very affectionate and enjoys being petted and groomed. She can really pour on the love once she trusts you.

OTHER REASONS SHE'S SPECIAL: She is front-declawed. Her friend Lacey is also a source of comfort for her when she is afraid. Her previous family said they have a strong bond and will play and snuggle together.

DREAM HOME: A very calm and quiet home with mature guardians who will be very patient with her as she adjusts. She may be a cat who will hide for a while, but we can give you tips on how to most easily integrate her into your home. She has lived with many other cats in the past.

These cats are participating in our Shelter Cat Getaway program -- a program designed to give cats a vacation from the shelter and let them enjoy home life while they wait to be adopted. While vacation is fun, there really is no place like home, so please consider adopting these deserving cats! As part of this program, their adoption fee is just $75 for the pair! To learn more about these cats or schedule a time to meet them, please contact Betsy at