Transfer Partners

Adopting From Rescue Groups
Approximately half of the dogs that are available for adoption at the ARL are purebreds. If you're looking for a specific breed, please click here to search the animals available for adoption. New animals are added each day, so check back often. If you absolutely cannot wait for a specific breed, please visit some of the breed rescue groups that we work with below to find the breed you're looking for.

Sending Animals to Rescue
The ARL Transfer Partner program maintains successful working relationships between the ARL and other licensed and qualified animal welfare organizations to enable transferring animals from the ARL to Transfer Partner organizations when it is in the best interest of the animals, and ensure the successful placement of the animal in a permanent home. The ARL works primarily with animal welfare organizations in Iowa, but may work with organizations outside of Iowa on a case-by-case basis. Therefore, any interested organization is invited to apply to become an ARL Transfer Partner.

ARL Transfer Partners are licensed shelters and rescue groups who are able and willing to accept animals transferred from the ARL. ARL Transfer Partners may be located anywhere in Iowa or outside Iowa. Many of these groups specialize in a particular breed, species, or animals who possess certain medical or behavioral conditions. Often, they are able to give specialized, long-term care to pets requiring it.

Organizations interested in becoming an ARL Transfer Partner must possess 501(c)3 status, all required licenses and permits, be in good standing with local regulatory agencies, and conduct themselves professionally in the community. For more information, or if your organization is interested in becoming an ARL Transfer Partner, please contact Betsy at (515) 473-9108 or

View our current transfer partners below: