Shelter Cat Getaway

The purpose of the Shelter Cat Getaway program is to give long-term ARL resident cats a chance to get out of the shelter during the ARL's busiest times of year and enjoy the in-home life they deserve. It also allows the ARL to bring more cats into adoption. About 50 new cats arrive each day in the summer!

Shelter Cat Getaway Package Includes:

  • The ARL will continue to promote each cat through the normal adoption channels, including the website and media, but vacation homes are encouraged to find adopters themselves, too!
  • A dedicated Facebook fan page has been created for Shelter Getaway hosts to network, share photos, best practices, ask questions and more!
  • Host families are encouraged to keep the ARL updated on what you observe about the cat(s) so we can better promote them to permanent adopters.

How It Works

The ARL will:

  • Provide a healthy, adoptable cat(s) for you to temporarily house
  • Fully vaccinate & microchip each cat
  • Recommend which cat(s) will fit your current household and provide integration advice for any current pets
  • Provide ongoing behavior advice as needed (click here to view our cat intro tips!)

Getaway providers will:

  • Commit to housing the pet for a week, a month, or longer if needed - cats can either be introduced to current pets or have a private room if they have a travel buddy
  • Sign foster home agreement
  • Provide supplies needed for the cat(s) to enjoy their getaway (i.e. food, litter)

GROUP SPECIALS: Cats do best in pairs (or more) so we highly encourage you to host a cat AND a travel buddy during their Shelter Getaway!

Book your cat today! In 2013, the ARL cared for over 10,000 cats & kittens! You can help the ARL find permanent homes for even more cats this year! E-mail to book a cat to enjoy vacation at your home! Click here to view the Shelter Cat Getaway flyer and here to complete the foster application.