60 Living & 2 Deceased Animals Removed From Accused Shooter's Home

posted 12/27/2013

At this time, applications received from December 24 to December 26 are being reviewed. If you are selected as the adopter based on your application, an ARL staff member will contact you via phone before 7:00pm on Monday, December 30th. At that time, you will have 24 hours to fulfill the adoption. Please see below for the list of requirements.


Update: Exotic Birds Now Available for Adoption! 

Starting today, Tuesday, December 24th, 49 of the 55 birds removed from a home in Des Moines on December 5th are now available for adoption.

In addition to the items outlined below, a non-refundable $20 fee per application, (to cover additional cost of processing) per bird/bonded set will be required upon application. The adoption fee per bird or bonded set is outlined on our website, this adoption fee does NOT include a cage or supplies.

Please note that we will choose the best adopter for each bird/bonded set based on applications received. Per the ARL adoption contract, all adopters must agree to not breed any pet adopted from the ARL. The application process will begin on Tuesday, December 24th and end on Thursday, December 26th at 7:00pm. We will contact adopters via phone by 7:00pm on Monday, December 30th. Once an adopter is chosen and contacted for each bird, that person has 24 hours to fulfill the adoption.


Special Adoption Requirements:


  • Must agree to not breed
  • Must list previous avian experience
  • Must list avian vet reference
  • Must show proof of current caging system (photo of current system or printed receipts)

Due to the number of interested parties and our priority to have the staff care for the animals, we are unable to respond to individual phone calls, emails, or in-person inquiries.

The Animal Rescue League of Iowa (ARL) removed 60 living and 2 deceased animals from the Steven Vogel’s home on Creston Avenue in Des Moines, including 55 exotic birds, 4 cats, 1 snake, and 2 deceased birds.  We will be working with the next of kin to determine the permanent placement for the animals, but in the meantime the animals will remain under the care of the ARL.  Caring for exotic birds of these numbers is costly so the ARL is asking for the public to help by making a monetary donation to cover the veterinary expenses and food needed to care for the influx of 60 more animals, straining our already full shelter. 

Click here to make a donation online (Reference: Birds).

If you are interested in being updated on the bird’s availability, sign-up here to be notified here once more information is available. No phone calls, please.