Pet Details

  • Animal ID: 165980
  • Type: Cat
  • Breed: Domestic Longhair
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 9 years
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 5.8 lbs
  • Spayed/Neutered: Yes
  • Site: ARL Main

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Additional Details

BIG FAN OF: Quiet times and being scratched gently on her head.

NOT A FAN OF: Being handled when it's not her idea. She prefers to make her own decisions about her life and is looking for mature people who understand and accept that.

SPECIAL FEATURES: Irene is a pretty lady who loves to relax in a comfy bed and watch the world go by. She likes being visited and talked to and having her head and cheeks rubbed gently. She LOVES wand toys and will play with them as long as you want to play with her!

OTHER REASONS SHE'S SPECIAL: Irene has been diagnosed with kidney stones. We started her on Hill's S/D, a special diet that has caused the stones to start to dissolve. We recommend that she remain on this diet for now and then be switched to a diet to prevent reoccurrence. More info is on Irene's kennel, but we'd recommend speaking to your regular veterinarian before adoption if you have questions.

DREAM HOME: A quiet, relaxed home with people who are looking for a low-maintenance cat who won't want to be on them all the time. If you're looking for a friend and companion, she will be wonderful!

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