Meet Your Cat Match

Finding the right cat when there are so many to choose from can be overwhelming, so we've made it simple to fall in love ... simply fill out the questionnaire below, describing your "ideal match" and we will send you suggestions of cats that would fit what you're looking for to help you narrow it down.

Since the inception of the "Meet Your Cat Match" program in 2016, we have responded to and matched over 2,733 adoptable cats with human companions.

Note: Our Meet Your Cat Match program is temporarily unavailable. Check back for updates.

Successful Meet Your Cat Match Stories

Sweets, Sunshine & Star
Sunshine Star and SweetsA woman using our Meet Your Cat Match program told us that she wanted to give a good home specifically to cats who had been strays and may not have had a real home -- or ones who had come from a rougher background. After looking at the woman's lifestyle and other preferences, our cat match specialist suggested she meet Sweets, who had come to us as a stray. And she also recommended Bonded Buddies Sunshine and Star. Sunshine was rescued from a hoarding situation, and Star had come to us as a stray. The two had become best friends at the shelter, so we'd designated them "Bonded Buddies" so they'd be sure to be adopted together. The woman took our suggestions and met with the cats – and we were thrilled when she decided all THREE were perfect for her! Now they're all one big, happy family.

KibbeyThis cuddly gal Kibbey found her forever human through our Meet Your Cat Match program! Kibbey's adopter gave us an idea of the type of cat she was looking for, then visited with several we suggested ... and chose Kibbey! As you can see, it's a match made in heaven!