More Adoptable Rabbits

Check out these other rabbits available for adoption at our transfer partner A Home for EveryBunny.


GenghisGhengis is a 7 month old curious yet cautious bun. He's a feisty soul who knows what he doesn't like! To win the heart of this little warrior, you will need patience, understanding, and blueberries! Approaching Ghengis with the promise of "nom noms" will peak his curiosity! You will need to spend time sitting on the floor with him letting him explore you until he feels safe. Pets are best administered at the same time as a tasty offering for now while he learns to trust humans.

He loves to have a box to run to when he needs to feel safe. While he takes some time to warm up, the journey is worth the reward! His litter habits are excellent. He does like to test everything in his world with his teeth so bunny proofing is a must, however, he does respond well to being told "no". He has not been around animals other than bunnies and due to his cautious nature, he would do best in a home without young children.

If you are interested in adopting Genghis, please fill out an application at A Home for EveryBunny

Blanche and Eirwen

Blanche and EirwenThese sweet REW (red eye white) lionhead ladies have had a tough past and are looking forward to a life of luxury! Every morning they wait together at the edge of the pen for their treats treat. Blanche is still learning that hands are nice, while her sister Eirwen will gently take the treats from your hand, showing Blanche its ok to trust!

These girls are getting used to the indoor life and are already learning their litter box skills! These two are already letting their foster mama give them head scratches and ear pets, which is so encouraging and shows us that they will make huge strides in the future. 

These two don't really understand toys yet since they have never seen them before coming to us, but are starting to understand how fun cardboard boxes are to climb and chew on! Like most REW bunnies, they have somewhat poor eyesight. This doesn't impact their quality of life, but means they do startle easily with fast movements.

Blanche and Eirwen seem to be bonded and we ask that they go home together. Coming from a rough background, they have really relied on each other for comfort and we don't want to split these sisters up!

If you are interested in adopting Blanche and Eirwen, please fill out an application at A Home for EveryBunny