Courageous Canines

Courageous Canines is designed for shy dogs as new things, new environments and new people can sometimes be a bit scary. This is a 5-week class for dogs 5 months and older at the start of class. We’ll use positive reinforcement techniques to encourage brave choices and work on confidence building by rewarding bravery. We’ll cover experiences like new surfaces, textures, people, new objects like wheelchairs, and going through unfamiliar doors.


This class is $110. Fees for classes are subject to change and are non-refundable. For more information about our refund policy, visit our Training Class FAQ page.

Is your dog reactive or aggressive to humans or other dogs?

What does it mean for your dog to be reactive? Dogs may be considered reactive if they bark, growl, lunge, or snap around people or other dogs. Reactive dogs have a hard time focusing on their owner during the class making it hard for them to learn and retain the information they are being taught. If your dog displays any of the behaviors listed above, please set up a private consultation at ARL Main by e-mailing