Puppy Picnic at ARL

Puppy Picnic

Looking for ways to boost morale among employees? Want to have the best lunch break ever? You're in luck!

Puppy PicnicThe ARL is offering Puppy Picnics, where we'll travel to businesses around the Des Moines metro with cuddly, adoptable puppies to provide snuggles and playtime for your employees. For a $250 donation, your workplace can be one of the 30-minute stops! You provide a safe space for the animals, and we'll take care of the rest!

We always sell out for these events, the employees love it, the puppies get adopted, and the money raised helps the other animals at the Animal Rescue League of Iowa. It’s a win-win-win-win!

Ways to make it happen:

  • Management or culture committees can donate for all employees to enjoy.
  • Several employees can pitch in to bring the cuteness to their workplace (if you have 25 people, that’s only $10 each!).

Puppy Picnics with the ARL

Are the puppies available for adoption?
Yes! Puppy Picnic participants get the first chance to adopt any of the visiting pups! We understand the phrase "love at first sight," so we'll have applications available for you to fill out at your workplace. At the end of the Puppy Picnic stops, if a puppy has received more than one application from interested adopters, one application will be drawn at random and that person has the first chance to adopt. If the puppy only has one adoption application and it's yours, then you have the first chance to adopt. The final adoption process will take place at ARL Main (5452 N.E. 22nd St., Des Moines). Standard adoption process and fees apply.

When is the next Puppy Picnic?
Puppy Picnics are scheduled when we have puppies available - so they are scheduled at random. Spots are limited and fill up fast, so if you would like to be notified about our next Puppy Picnic, please fill out the form below and be one of the first to know!

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