Educational Presentations

The ARL will come to your K-12 classroom! Choose from any of our programs focusing on pet safety, responsibility, and strengthening the human-animal bond. The primary goal of our classroom programming is to provide engaging content that educates students about issues related to animals in our community. 

Program Length: 30-45 minutes

Required Materials: Classroom presentation space and a small table for presenter's materials.

Number of Students: One program per class. Programs can be scheduled back-to-back to accommodate multiple classrooms. 

Cost: Minimum payment of $50 required. Any organization located within the city of Des Moines does not require payment. Please give what you can to help support our education department.

Program Options

  • Pet Safety: Students will learn how to develop healthy and safe relationships with their own pets as well as pets in their community. 
    • Pre-K- 2nd Grade: This program teaches students the basics of kindness to animals including careful handling, awareness, safety, and respect. A story will be read aloud and time will be spent with an animal guest from the ARL TheraPets program.
    • 3rd-5th Grade: Students will participate in an interactive activity to learn rules for working with pets of any species. Time will be spent with an animal guest from the ARL TheraPets program. 

*** Animal guest species vary for the pet safety programs above. ARL TheraPets include dogs, rabbits, cats, and more. We cannot promise any particular species to visit your classroom. Each class will receive a visit from whichever TheraPet team is available to visit during their designated time slot. We appreciate your understanding and flexibility.

  • Pet Responsibility
    • Pre-K-8th Grade: The story Caring for Heart will be read aloud. This is a story written by ARL staff to teach students about responsible pet care. Following this interactive story, students ask questions and have the opportunity to meet Heart who is the character in the story and a real life therapy rabbit. 
  • TNR- Caring for Community Cats: 
    • 3rd-12th GradeThe ARL has committed to dedicating resources to implement a successful TNR program- this includes educating our youth about community cats. We are offering this age-appropriate, interactive program that explains TNR to students. This program includes a story about TNR, an interactive activity as well as a Q&A session. No live animals are present during this program. 

If you are interested in one of the ARL's Classroom Programs, please fill out the form below and we will be in contact with you. These programs are offered Monday-Friday between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Please understand due to the high demand for our classroom programs, there may be a wait before we are able to fulfill your visit request.

***If you do not see a topic that fits the needs of your group, please suggest a topic and we will do our best to accommodate!***

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