Classroom Programs

The ARL will come to your K-12 classroom! Choose among six programs focusing on pet safety, responsibility, and strengthening the human-animal bond. The primary goal of our classroom programming is to provide engaging content that educates students about issues related to animals in our community. 

Program Length: 45-60 minutes

Required Materials: Classroom presentation space, a small table for presenter's materials, internet access and a screen for a Prezi presentation.

Number of Students: One program per class. Programs can be scheduled back-to-back to accommodate multiple classrooms. 

Cost: $50 (If your school or day care falls in any of the zip codes listed below, you may qualify to receive free classroom programs. Contact Rose for more information)

50310, 50311, 50312, 50313, 50314, 50315, 50316, 50317, 50320

Program Options

Animal Safety: Students will learn how to develop healthy and safe relationships with their own pets as well as animals in their community. This program includes two visits to the classroom. Our first visit is presented by the ARL's Humane Education Coordinator and gives students the tools to be safe and responsible with a focus on bite prevention. The second visit allows students to practice what they learned and demonstrate how to safely interact with a therapy dog certified through the ARL's TheraPets program. Recommended grade level: K-5

Furry Tales: 1-2 stories focusing on pet safety and responsibility will be read aloud followed by a reflection session as well as a Q&A session about the ARL. Recommended grade level: Pre-K-3

Pet Talk: Students will learn pet body language. Animals communicate in very different ways than people do. Students will learn to understand how animals express their needs and emotions. Understanding what an animal is saying increases empathy and respect. This is a key tool in keeping children safe. Recommended grade level: K-5

Too Many Kitties! Students will discuss many issues regarding pet overpopulation in our community and the preventative measures we all can take to help correct this issue. An interactive activity and lesson will be included. Recommended grade level: 4-8

Rescue Rangers: Students will learn how they can become a "Rescue Ranger" (aka an animal advocate). Students will learn the importance of understanding and sharing accurate information to face challenges regarding animals. Students will learn to foster the three C's (curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking), as well as understanding the 3 R's (respect, reverence, and, responsibility). Recommended grade level: 4-12

Pawsitive Reinforcement: Students will learn how positive reinforcement, such as clicker training, can successfully train a dog (or human) to perform desirable behaviors without the use of force or cruel punishment. Students will use their bodies to silently navigate across a secret maze by reacting to positive reinforcement (clicks) from classmates. Recommended grade level: 5-12

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