School Projects & Citizenship Projects

School/Citizenship Projects

We do not offer volunteer opportunities for kids under the age of 10, but there are many other ways they can help us help the animals! Some project ideas include:

Donation Drive: The ARL is always grateful for monetary donations to help pay for the supplies necessary to care for our large shelter population. You can:

  • Host a bake sale
  • Put together a lemonade stand
  • Start a car wash

Pet Supply Drive: Groups collect bags, boxes and other supplies for all types of animals at our shelter. Groups can produce fliers, collection boxes and a tally sheet or classroom poster to track results.

  • Organize a pet supply drive to collect items from our Fetch! List.

Host a Craft Night: Groups can make a difference for our animals by making fleece blankets for them to snuggle with.

  • Fleece blankets can be 20"x 20" to 24"x 24"

See List of Needed Items