Office Cat

Office Cats

The Animal Rescue League of Iowa (ARL) is looking for small businesses to hire (foster) temporary workers to fill the position of "office cat" until permanent employment (adoption) can be secured.

Having a cat around the office can help reduce stress for your employees and your customers, too! It’s also a great opportunity to give cats a break from the shelter. Tell us about your office environment and we’ll match you with the perfect office companion!

Pets in the workplace have a proven record of decreasing stress and increasing job satisfaction.

The ARL will match your business with an adoptable cat who will interact well with your employees, customers, and office environment  and you provide the litter, food, and job coaching (care).

The ARL will continue to promote your cat to potential adopters and you can brag to your clients about how cool you are for having an office cat (they may even want to adopt it!).

Thanks to these businesses for hiring temporary cats:
Architectural Arts
America's Renewable Future
Urbandale Healthcare Center
Story County Legal Aid

Ready to HIRE an office cat?