Temporary Crisis Homes

Needed: Temporary Crisis Homes

We are in desperate need of Temporary Crisis Homes to help us clear the shelter of adoptable cats! We currently need to find temporary homes for 80 cats because due to the Covid-19 crisis, dozens more are arriving each day!

The ARL will provide:

  • A healthy, adoptable cat(s) for you to temporarily house
  • Full vaccinations & microchip
  • The ARL will recommend which cat(s) will fit your current household and provide integration advice for any current pets
  • Ongoing behavior advice as needed (read some of our cat intro tips!)

What is needed of our Crisis Homes:

  • Commit to housing the pet for a week, a month, or longer if needed - cats can either be introduced to current pets or have a private room
  • Sign a Temporary Crisis Home agreement
  • Provide supplies needed for the cat(s) to enjoy their getaway (i.e. food, litter)
Group Special: Cats do best in pairs (or more) so we highly encourage you to host a cat AND a travel buddy during their Shelter Getaway!

How it Works:

  1. Complete the form below or email Mary (mmccarroll@arl-iowa.org) if interested
  2. Mary will help identify a cat (or two!) that would fit best in your home
  3. Fill-out some required forms and email them back to Mary
  4. Schedule a time to pickup your cat
  5. When you arrive: We’ll run the cat out to you in a carrier, have you digitally sign on our iPad and you’re good to go! Cats can be picked-up without ever entering the building.
  6. Keep the cat for as long as you’re able (requesting a minimum of 2 weeks), but if you fall in love, you don’t have to do anything else!

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