Iowa Veterinary Referral Center (IVRC)

Iowa Veterinary Referral Center is a 24-hour emergency and critical care hospital located in Des Moines. IVRC has partnered with the ARL to help pets who have been through one of our spay/neuter programs and are experiencing a medical emergency during non-business hours.

Anderson Animal Hospital

Anderson Animal Hospital is a full-service pet hospital that accepts both emergency cases and less urgent medical and surgical cases. Dr. Anderson is experienced in all types of conditions and treatments, and he and his staff have helped us spay and neuter more than 300 pets. They also partner with us to treat pets in need through our Banfield medical grant.

Banfield Foundation

The ARL received a grant from the Banfield Foundation which allows us to provide veterinary assistance to residents of the Des Moines metro that are struggling financially but love their pets and need help with veterinary care. The goal is to provide one-time assistance for those who need it most. For those that qualify (as funding is available), the veterinary assistance grant helps in cases of illness, injury-care and medication, as well as with vaccinations, preventative care and flea treatment, upon approval. We are grateful to the Banfield Foundation for their commitment to helping pets and pet owners in need and share their mission of keeping pets in homes with people they love.

Des Moines Area Religious Council (DMARC)

In August 2016, the ARL began partnering with the Des Moines Area Religious Council (DMARC) on their Mobile Food Pantry, which provides weekly food distributions at targeted areas throughout Des Moines. The ARL recognizes that where humans are struggling, there are likely pets struggling as well; and in some cases, people will feed their pets before feeding themselves. This partnership takes a comprehensive approach by providing free pet food to DMARC clients via the Mobile Food Pantry and by distributing the food at locations where clients can access additional services/supports, such as the local YMCA. In addition to sharing pet food, our outreach team uses this opportunity to connect households with other free or low-cost resources for their pet, which they might otherwise not be aware of or be able to access.

All-Pets Hospital

All-Pets Hospital offers full-service veterinary care, boarding and grooming and has two convenient locations in Des Moines. The hospital's staff is committed and enjoy caring for pets of all species. They have helped the ARL spay/neuter more than 100 pets and also partner with us to treat pets in need through our Banfield medical grant.

Teddy's Ruff Riders

Teddy's Ruff Riders mobile grooming offers full-service and all-inclusive grooming. Katie, the owner, has been an animal lover and advocate her entire life and has partnered with us to help groom pets in need through grants the ARL has received to help the underserved communities of Des Moines.

Pet Pantry

Pet Pantry is an organization that provides up to four months of pet food and supplies to people who are in need and may require a little time to get back on their feet.

The Fence Project

The Fence Project is a volunteer group that provides habitat improvements for dogs in need in the Des Moines area. The group offers fencing, dog houses, grooming and more.