Spay/Neuter Programs

Spay And Neuter

With three licensed Veterinarians on staff, ARL pets are spayed or neutered, vaccinated and microchipped before adoption. Thanks to additional grant funding, the ARL also has public spay and neuter programs which offer surgeries, vaccines and microchips at low or no cost for individuals who could not otherwise afford those services. These surgeries are performed by ARL and partner Veterinarians. The full list of these programs can be found below, and we encourage anyone who is interested in learning more to call us at (515) 473-9117 to discuss the programs in detail.


PetSnip is a spay/neuter assistance program where anyone on a financial assistance program in the Des Moines zip code 50315 is able to get their cats/kittens/dogs/puppies spayed/neutered, vaccinated (includes FVRCP (feline), DA2PPV (canine) and rabies vaccinations) and micro-chipped for FREE. Individuals on financial assistance programs in other zip codes throughout Iowa may also be eligible for low-cost services. Call (515) 473-9117 to register for a surgery date or click here to view the PetSnip flyer. PetSnip is made available thanks to PetSmart Charities and donations from the participants are encouraged and will go back to the PetSnip program. Click here to fill out the PetSnip application.

Who We Help

Michelle & Snow

Michelle originally found out about the Petsnip program through a poster she saw at her local Family Video. Unlike other spay/neuter programs, Michelle loved that Petsnip accepts both male and female animals. She was more than grateful for the “wonderful program” that allowed her to afford the surgery.


Shawna & King

Shawna found out about Petsnip on a billboard she saw driving through town. She could not hide her nerves as she anxiously awaited to see “her baby.” She asked many questions about how the surgery went, but first wanted to know if she could feed her dog two hamburgers for dinner (instead of the normal one hamburger) as a special treat.





The Purr Project

The Purr Project spay/neuter assistance program for barn/farm cats and kittens that would otherwise would not be altered. This program is not for owned, indoor cats; but populations of cats that are being cared for by an owner with food, water, shelter, and other veterinary care for the life of the cat. This is a reduced fee-based program and includes vaccinations (FVRCP and rabies vaccination). Click here to schedule an appointment or call (515) 473-9117, and click here to view the Purr Project flyer.

The Daily Fix

The Daily Fix is a spay/neuter assistance program for other licensed shelters/rescues to be able to bring their dogs/cats to us for these and other veterinary services in order to make an animal available for adoption through their own adoption programs. The shelters/rescues must be licensed and in good standing with the State of Iowa. Click here to view the Daily Fix flyer. To inquire about program availability, click here.

Pets for Life

Pets for Life is a community outreach and spay/neuter assistance program that provides FREE spay and neuter surgeries, vaccinations (distemper/parvo and rabies vaccination), and microchips to residents of the zip code 50314. Funded by The Humane Society of the United States and the PetsMart Charities, the Pets for Life services are FREE, although donations from the participants are welcome and will go back to the Pets for Life program. Pets for Life program appointments are scheduled as funding is available. To schedule an appointment call (515) 473-9111 or click here. Click here to watch a video of the November 2014 Pets for Life event.

Spay the Mother

The “Spay the Mother” program provides people who bring litters of puppies or kittens to the ARL and want to keep the mother, a spay certificate to have the mother dog or cat spayed at no cost to them. To schedule an appointment, call (515) 473-9117 or click here.