Veterinary Assistance

The ARL's Veterinary Assistance program temporarily unavailable. Please check back periodically, and reference the below resources. 

The ARL's Veterinary Assistance in place to address the critical need for accessible, affordable pet care. 

The ARL helps coordinate veterinary assistance for pet owners who are unable to afford the full cost of veterinary services. Funded by generous grants and donations, the program aims to keep pets in their loving homes and prevent them from being relinquished to a shelter due to medical costs. If you are in need of annual vaccinations, please check out our Wellness Clinics.

Important Information for Owners

Owners are typically required to contribute a minimum of $35 to qualify for our Veterinary Assistance Program. We cannot assist with or financially help with veterinary emergencies. If your pet is experiencing an emergency, please contact the emergency veterinary hospitals listed below.

BluePearl Pet Hospital
(515) 727 4872

Iowa Veterinary Specialties
(515) 280-3051

The ARL is also not able to currently assist with dental procedures and major surgeries.

See below for other options for veterinary assistance

The organizations and services listed below are not an endorsement or recommendation. We recommend looking into any organization before seeking financial assistance from them.

Financing Options

Care CreditProvides a line of credit to pet owners in need of veterinary care

Scratchpay: Provides simple payment plans

VetBillingPartners with veterinarians to support them in extending installment payment plans to pet owners who do not qualify for or don’t want to use credit-based financing

Wells Fargo Health Advantage® CardCovers care for you, your family, and pets at thousands of dental, hearing, vision, and veterinary offices nationwide that accept the card

LendingUSAVeterinary bill financing for those with good or poor credit

United Medical CreditHelps obtain financing needed for pet’s healthcare procedures

GetFinPersonal loans to pay for pet surgery and vet bills

National Resources for Pet Owners in Need 

Brown Dog FoundationAssists with lifesaving treatments and prescription medications nationwide

CorgiAidFinancial assistance for Corgi and Corgi-mixes 

Fetch a CureProvides support and assistance for pets with cancer 

For the Love of Alex, Inc.Provides emergency funding for urgent and lifesaving care for pets of low-income families

Frankie's FriendsProvides financial assistance grants to pets in need of lifesaving emergency or specialty veterinary care for those who cannot afford the full cost of treatment

Friends & Vets Helping PetsAssists families who have financial limitations in order to pay for extraordinary veterinary expenses necessary to save a pet’s life

Guinness Dunn FoundationProvides financial assistance for emergency veterinary bills, pet food assistance and mobility carts for disabled dogs

Handicapped PetsSupports handicapped and special needs pets

Hope Mending Hearts FoundationHelps animals who need immediate veterinary care in order to survive

Live Like Roo FoundationProvides grant funded financial assistance to help cover healthcare costs related to pet cancer treatments

Lucy the Rescue Dog Inc.Provides financial assistance for veterinary emergencies for cats and dogs

Magic Bullet FundProvides financial assistance for cats and dogs with cancer

Molly's HopeProvides the necessary financial assistance for emergency medical treatment in the effort to prevent financially driven euthanasia

The Mosby FundOffers financial assistance to qualified applicants to help with non-routine medical expenses

My Pet ChildHelps pet owners with financial difficulties

Oscar's CauseProvides veterinary financial assistance grants to pet owners in need of life saving medical care for their pets

The Onyx & Breezy FoundationProvides funding and support to pets of individuals where medical hardship is present

Paws 4 A CureProvides financial assistance to help families that need non-routine veterinary assistance for all illnesses and injury treatments, including medication, insulin, heartworm positive treatment and medical equipment such as wheelchairs 

The Pet FundProvides support for non-basic, non-urgent care such as cancer treatments, heart disease, chronic conditions, endocrine diseases, eye diseases, etc.

Pets of the HomelessProvides pet food and veterinary care assistance for homeless individuals

Poodle Angels Vetcare ProgramAssists Poodles owners who cannot afford urgent medical care, surgical procedures or emergency care

RedRover ReliefProvides financial assistance grants and resources for pet owners to care for animals who need urgent veterinary care

Tipper & Squirt Care for Cushings FundProvides financial assistance for families struggling to pay medical care costs associated with Cushing’s disease

Violet's Friends in NeedOffers financial assistance for urgent or critical veterinary care, surgeries, therapies or mobility solutions that are too costly for pet parents

WaggleCrowdfunding for veterinary bills

WestieMedProvides monetary assistance toward non-routine medical expenses for West Highland White Terriers (Westies) or Westie-mixes who are abandoned, rescued, or recent adoption cases (up to six months) and for whom no other funding is available or is insufficient

Wild HeartsProvides continuous, comprehensive care to animals with mobility issues and support for the people who love them 

The Wishbone FoundationHelps people care for special needs pets 

Zeus Oncology FundProvides funding for cancer treatments and surgery for rescue dogs only