What should I do if I see someone neglecting or abusing an animal?

If you see someone abusing an animal, you may want to run over and tell the person to stop – but there’s a good chance that confronting that person will not change their behavior. You may be putting yourself at risk as well as the animal. Instead, take photographs or videotape if you can. This evidence will be invaluable to investigators.

In the case of a child or children abusing an animal, the parent(s) may be unaware of the behavior. Animal abuse has been linked with other types of abuse in the home (child abuse, domestic violence). It is better to let law enforcement investigate.

If you are not successful contacting local law enforcement at (515) 283-4811, contact the ARL's cruelty intervention coordinator at (515) 284-6905.

Remember, it's important to report animal abuse/neglect. If you don't, who will? Helpless animals depend on you.

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