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As people who care about animals, we all have stories to tell of how an animal has touched our lives, either in the smallest of ways or at times more profoundly. The ARL’s therapy animal program, TheraPets, is bringing happiness and comfort that animals provide to those in our community who need it most!

ARL TheraPets offers the joy of therapy animals to facilities throughout central Iowa by means of visits from our certified volunteer/pet teams. Our teams visit nursing homes, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, hospices, schools, libraries and more!

  • How to Get Involved

    How to Get Involved

    Volunteering with your pet as an ARL TheraPets team is a fun and rewarding experience! If you are interested in joining our group, the first step is attending training workshop where you'll learn all about therapy animals and ARL's TheraPets program.

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  • Request Services

    Request Services

    The main goal of the TheraPets program is to provide therapeutic experiences in our community. Through guided interactions with our certified TheraPets Teams, thousands of people in central Iowa are benefiting from this incredible service every year.

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  • TheraPets Visits

    TheraPets Visits

    Offering people an opportunity to interact with a therapy animal can truly make a positive difference in their physical and mental health.

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