The goal of the ARL's foster programs is to provide a home environment for pets who need special attention or a break from the shelter. Some pets may need a temporary home for a few days, while others may need a few months.

Our foster coordinators work with new foster homes to determine which program will be the best fit. The ARL provides crates and all veterinary care we deem necessary. Whenever possible, we ask that foster providers furnish basic supplies, such as food and cat litter. For foster program updates and to see pets looking for foster homes, follow the ARL Foster Network on Facebook!

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Foster Programs

TLC Foster: This program gives pets who need extra TLC the opportunity to grow, learn, and heal in a nurturing environment. Animals may include neonatal puppies or kittens; pregnant or nursing dogs, cats and small animals; and pets in need of behavioral or medical care.

Shelter Animal Getaway: This program gives adult pets a break from the shelter until they’re adopted. These pets are typically longer-resident pets or pets who aren’t coping well in the shelter environment. These pets can include cats, dogs and small animals.

Shelter Cat Getaway

Shelter Dog Getaway

Dog's Day Out Summer Camp: Our Dog’s Day Out field trip program has been so popular, we’re expanding the fun! This special Summer Camp edition is a chance for you to bring an adoptable dog into your home for a weekend, a week or longer – whatever your schedule allows!
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Golden Paw Hospice: This program provides in-home care for pets that have been diagnosed with a terminal illness but are free from suffering and continue to enjoy quality of life.
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Crisis Care: This program provides temporary care for the pets of individuals experiencing a crisis due to domestic violence, hospitalization, medical treatment, military leave, natural disasters, or housing issues.
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Silver Paw Senior Pets: This foster and adoption program is for senior pets who have lived with a person who has passed away or has been moved to a residential facility where they are unable to keep their pets. 

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PerPETual Care Foster: This program offers pet owners a way to ensure their pets are cared for in the event that their pets outlive them. PerPETual Care foster families care for these pets long-term.
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Second Chance Ranch Foster: This program is for barn animals who need a special environment, medical care, socialization or simply a break from the shelter.
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When do we need foster homes the most?

  • Caring for pets who have recently given birth, then continuing to care for the family until they are ready for adoption. Throughout the spring and summer, and into fall, we are always in need of fosters for bottle-baby kittens and mother cats with kittens.
  • Socializing animals who aren't completely comfortable with humans — typically that means puppies, kittens and small pets, but it may also apply to adult animals. Foster families who help socialize pets will do so under the guidance of our pet behavior team.
  • Caring for "special cases" — pets who need a calm, quiet home environment for recovery after surgery, neglect or injury.