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Change Lives as a Loyal Friend

Change Lives as a Loyal Friend

Whether you donate just $15 a month or enroll with a higher amount, the Loyal Friends Club offers perks at every level while helping pets in need!

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Be the Miracle.

The Covid-19 crisis is impacting pets and their families. People are hurting and struggling to provide for their pets. People who have never needed help before need it now. The crisis is already exposing animals suffering in our community, and the Animal Rescue League is here to help.

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2020 Impact - By the Numbers

9,896 Lives Saved
7,181 Animals Adopted
12,060 Animal Control Services Calls Dispatched
43,937 Medical Treatments Given
1,234 Spay/Neuter Surgeries Performed
3,742 Pets Receiving Food Assistance
1,066 Behavior Help Consultations

Click here to view the 2020 year to date numbers.