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Change Lives as a Loyal Friend

Change Lives as a Loyal Friend

Whether you donate just $15 a month or enroll with a higher amount, the Loyal Friends Club offers perks at every level while helping pets in need!

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Be the Miracle.

Can they count on you to be their miracle?

Since 1926, the Animal Rescue League of Iowa has helped more than one million pets — every day, every hour, every second, the ARL has been there. Sometimes all they need is a warm bed, a full bowl or a kind touch. Other times they need protection from their abuser, emergency surgery, or reassurance that they are finally safe.

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2020 Impact - By the Numbers

9,896 Lives Saved
7,181 Animals Adopted
12,060 Animal Control Services Calls Dispatched
43,937 Medical Treatments Given
1,234 Spay/Neuter Surgeries Performed
3,742 Pets Receiving Food Assistance
1,066 Behavior Help Consultations

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