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Our online resource library and offering of various dog training classes will help adoptive pet parents, as well as the general public, better understand these companion animals.

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New classes:  These are now offered on-site, and no longer virtual. Participants will be limited to one handler per dog, and will be required to wear a face mask.

  • Puppy Kindergarten

    Puppy Kindergarten

    This class helps puppies start off on the right paw using positive reinforcement techniques. This class is for puppies between 8 weeks and 18 weeks of age at the start of class.

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  • Puppy Preschool

    Puppy Preschool

    Need a jump start before attending Puppy Kindergarten? Puppy Preschool is a perfect way to begin working on socialization, as well as chatting about setting your new puppy up for success! Puppies must be between 8-18 weeks and be current on vaccinations.

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  • Adolescent Puppy Kindergarten

    Adolescent Puppy Kindergarten

    This class encourages socialization and gives you support and knowledge to teach your puppy desired behaviors to live peacefully in your home. Dogs should be 15 weeks to 6 months old at the start of class.

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  • Good Manners

    Good Manners

    Guardians will learn how to teach their dogs in a humane manner using positive reinforcement methods which in turn will enrich their relationship with their dog. Dogs should be 5 months and older at the start of class.

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  • Virtual Good Manners

    Virtual Good Manners

    Guardians will learn how to teach their dogs using positive reinforcement in the place they know best, at home!

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  • Rowdy Rovers

    Rowdy Rovers

    In the Rowdy Rovers class, we'll encourage dogs to make polite choices when life can be way too exciting - which can sometimes make them forget their manners.

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  • Drop In Training Classes

    Drop In Training Classes

    Drop In Training Class is perfect for those with busy schedules who aren't able to commit to a 6-week class, but want to learn the basic manners. Dogs should be 8 weeks or older at the start of class.

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  • Real Life Class

    Real Life Class

    You have put in the hard work of teaching your dog basic good manners. Now, it's time to attach “real life” aspects to those behaviors.

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  • 10 Steps to CGC

    10 Steps to CGC

    If your dog is on the path to becoming a Canine Good Citizen, this class will provide additional practice before taking the test. Dogs can be tested as early as puppies, but a prerequisite is required.

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  • TheraPets Prep Class

    TheraPets Prep Class

    Looking for a fun and rewarding way to volunteer with your dog in the community? If you/your dog need some help with training for the TheraPets evaluation, this class is for you!

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  • Training Class FAQ

    Training Class FAQ

    Visit the FAQ page to learn about our return policy, cancellations, required vaccinations, and more.

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  • Private Training

    Private Training

    Do you prefer some one-on-one help with your pup? Try a private training session.

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