Drop In Training Classes

Drop In Training Class is perfect for those with busy schedules who aren't able to commit to a 4-week class, but want to learn the basic manners.

Drop In Training Class is for dogs 8 weeks or older on the first day of class. Drop In Training Class is perfect for those with busy schedules who aren't able to commit to a traditional 4 week class, but want to learn the basic manners or need help with a training tune up! Come one time only, or as often as you're able! An ARL instructor will be available to answer any questions you have or give you help as needed. All dogs will be taught in a humane manner using positive reinforcement methods. All participants must register online for the individual class date prior to attending. This class is limited to 5 dogs.

  • Date: Scheduled at random (see list on the right for upcoming classes)
  • Time: 10:00 AM. This class is 50 minutes.
  • Location: ARL Main, Blumenthal Training Center

$40 per class, includes clicker for training. Fees for classes are subject to change and are non-refundable. For more information about our refund policy, visit our Training Class FAQ page.

Items Needed

Standard flat collar and standard 6 foot leash. Correctly fitted body-harnesses are also allowed. Pinch collars, head halters, electronic collars, or retractable leashes are not permitted. Small, bite-sized, treats in a pouch or bag.

Note about Treats

The best way to train your pet is through the proper use of positive reinforcement and rewards. Please bring plenty of high value treats to class, such as cut up hotdogs, cheese, chicken, chewy training treats, etc.

Does your dog consistently react strongly to humans or other dogs?

Reactive dogs have a hard time focusing on their owner during the class making it hard for them to learn and retain the information they are being taught. If you are unsure if your dog will be successful in this busy environment during the drop-in training class, please email dogtraining@arl-iowa.org or call (515) 473-9131.


Click on the button below and scroll to find the class date you would like to attend. You will be walked through the online registration process. Payment will be through the online registration system. No registration will be considered confirmed without payment.