Wellness Clinics

The ARL wants to help ensure all pets are current on their vaccinations to help protect pets and our community.

We are now offering wellness appointments for community owned cats and dogs. The cost for an ARL Wellness Clinic appointment is $35, which includes a physical exam, distemper and rabies vaccines, and a microchip. Additional services such as nail trims and anal gland expressions may also be available at a small additional cost.  Please check our Events Calendar for upcoming ARL Wellness Clinic dates, or use our online scheduler.

Feline and canine distemper vaccinations for these Wellness clinics have been generously donated by Petco Love!

Please note: Deposits are required to schedule appointments online. If you’d like to pay in cash, are in need of financial assistance, or have questions about our ARL Wellness Clinics, please reach out to the ARL Clinic Administrator.

Walk-in microchipping

The ARL offers walk-in microchipping Monday-Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at ARL Main & ARL Animal Services. The $35 fee per pet (cat, dog, or rabbit) includes registration of the microchip. For those on an income-assistance program, the fee is $15 per pet for walk-in microchipping.