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Why should you adopt? There are countless reasons why adopting a pet from a shelter versus purchasing a pet from a breeder or another source is better for you and the overall pet population.

You’ll change a life. You’ll get a healthy, vet-checked pet. You’ll save money. You won’t be supporting puppy mills or pet stores. The pet will be behavior assessed. Depending on their background, the pet may already be trained and know basic commands. You’ll receive ongoing assistance as needed from the shelter. You'll feel better.

Bringing a new pet into your life is a big decision, and when you adopt, you're giving a loving pet the second chance it deserves — and freeing up shelter resources to help other pets in need. The Animal Rescue League of Iowa is here for animals that have nowhere else to go. They arrive here for a variety of reasons, but they're all looking for the same things: love, security and a family of their own. Adoption is an act of love — and that's where you come in.