If I’m looking for a certain dog breed or appearance, what are the best steps?

The dogs that we receive at the ARL are representative of popular dogs in our community – so we get dogs of all kinds!  If you’re looking for a dog that is a certain breed, appearance, or size, here are the best steps:

  1. All of the available dogs are listed on our website and are updated every 30 minutes. If viewing from a mobile device, please download our iTunes or Google Play apps for a better mobile experience.
  2. To be notified when a pet is available, you can sign up for our pet notifications on through our mobile phone app for iTunes or Google Play. The notifications allow you to choose species, breed, gender, and age. When a pet matching your preferences becomes available, you’ll receive a phone notification that will lead you to their web profile where you can view more information. If those basic details sound like something you’re interested in, we encourage you to come meet the pet. Since adoptions are on a first-come basis, if you wait for a description or photo to be added (usually within 48 hours), the pet may have already been adopted.
  3. We work with dozens of rescue partners across the state and Midwest to place dogs who aren’t quite ready for adoption into their program. Check out our Transfer Partners to view each of these and the animals they have available for adoption.

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