Impact Report

2023 Impact Report

ARL 2023 Impact ReportThe ARL celebrated another record year for adoptions in 2023, with more than 8,600 pets finding homes! It was also a year of challenging large-scale rescues, urgent medical cases, and an expansion of assistance for our community to help keep pet families together. You made all these things possible.

Read how your support changed lives in our 2023 Impact Report.

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2022 Impact Report

ARL 2022 Impact ReportThe Animal Rescue League of Iowa celebrated a record year for adoptions, with nearly 8,500 pets finding homes! It was also a year of large-scale rescues, challenging medical cases and miraculous recoveries. And it was a year where we dramatically expanded our pet food assistance programs to meet increased need in our community and help keep pets with the people who love them.

Read how your support changed lives in our 2022 Impact Report.

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2021 Impact Report

ARL 2021 Impact ReportThe Animal Rescue League of Iowa has hit yet another milestone to celebrate — our highest rate of lives saved ever! Something we could never have accomplished without your help.

Read about how your support has saved more lives in our 2021 Impact Report.

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2020 Impact Report

ARL 2020 Impact ReportIn a year unlike any other, the Animal Rescue League of Iowa continued to be there for pets and people in our community. The coronavirus pandemic brought big challenges – ever-changing safety guidelines, a surge in the need for pet food assistance, fewer volunteers, a loss of event revenue, and more – but we looked for and found ways to continue to serve our community with zero interruption of services.

Thanks to your support we were able to stay on the front lines, rescuing animals in need, helping keep families together and finding new ways to provide second chances for homeless pets.

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2019 Impact Report

ARL 2019 Impact ReportThe 2019 Impact Report highlights the Animal Rescue League of Iowa's journey over the past 10 years, the amazing results we achieved together to save a record number of lives in 2019, and where we’re headed in the future.

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2018 Impact Report

ARL 2018 Impact ReportEach year the ARL is doing more and more to help pets and the people who love them. The ARL of today is much different than the ARL 5 years ago. We are constantly improving, evolving, and innovating so that we can do even more – and the results from 2018 highlight the work that has been many years in the making. 2018 was a banner year not only for the 11,000+ animals who came through our doors, but also for the groundwork that was set to pave the way to save even more lives in years to come.

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2017 Impact Report

ARL 2017 Impact ReportThe Animal Rescue League of Iowa (ARL) has invested in training and rescue equipment over the years so when disasters arise, we can be there to respond - and 2017 was a year that put that planning and preparation into action. Time and time again, the ARL was there to help. As long as there are animals in need, the ARL will continue to be there for years to come, just like we were in 2017.

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2016 Impact Report

ARL 2016 Impact Report2016 was another great year at the Animal Rescue League of Iowa, Inc. (ARL) and we're happy to share our 2016 Impact Report highlighting just some of the many ways we have been CHANGING LIVES for animals – and the people who love them.

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(Note: The "Animal Rescue League of Iowa - Combined" intakes and outcomes tables (top) show the combined numbers for Animal Rescue League of Iowa and ARL Animal Control. The chart at the bottom only shows the ARL Animal Control (Des Moines) numbers, but it is important to note that those numbers are already included in the combined chart. We have attempted to make this report as easy to understand as possible, but if you have any questions, please contact

2015 Impact Report

ARL 2015 Impact ReportThe Animal Rescue League of Iowa, Inc. (ARL) is the state's largest non-profit shelter, serving thousands of animals through sheltering and community outreach. Here you will find our impact from January-December 2015 and where we are headed next. Our journey to change lives is ever-evolving, but it isn't our journey alone. With your help we can and will change lives.

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2013-2014 Impact Report

ARL 2013-2014 Impact ReportChanging Lives - What does that mean to you? Maybe a pet changed your life as a child, or as an adult. What it means to us is the ARL's ability to change the lives of both animals and people through our reach, programs, and resources. This 2015 report is just a sample of what we are doing with your support, thank you for your commitment in helping us change lives.

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