Staff Leadership

Shelby Spiker

Director of Human Resources

Shelby Spiker, Director of Human Resources

Shelby Spiker is the ARL’s Director of Human Resources, bringing almost 6 years of experience. After graduating from Iowa State University’s Ivy College of Business in 2015, Shelby went into business management, where she found her niche in systems and human resources.

Shelby spent the last four years with Des Moines Area Community College. Her work included HR compliance and recordkeeping, recruitment and selection, training and development, performance management, health and safety, and offboarding. She also led a department of 15-40 employees that included 20+ international students from 12 different countries and five different continents. She was selected to attend the Emerging Leaders Series, a program for employees identified as having high potential for leadership positions.

Shelby is passionate about animal welfare and always knew she wanted her career to be aligned with that passion, so it’s fitting that she’s now at the ARL working with the team that helps animals in need.