The partners below have supported programs and services provided in 2022

Animal Relief Foundation Trust
Microchips for vaccination clinics

Animal Legal Defense Fund
Seymour, IA large-scale rescue medical care

Banfield Foundation
Vaccines for large scale dog rescue

Blue Pearl Emergency Vet
Veterinary Referral

Iowa State Bank
Reclaim Assistance

Hill's Food, Shelter & Love program
Cat food for ARL pet pantry

Petco Love
Pet Support Services, TNR, Vaccines for owned pets

Petfinder Foundation
Adoption event

PetSmart Charities
Adoption prep

Pets for the Elderly Foundation
Adoption underwriting for adopters 60+

The Right Horse Initiative
Unify horse industry professionals, equine welfare advocates, and the broader horse-loving public to improve the lives of horses in transition.

Unwanted Horse Veterinary Relief Campaign
Vaccines for Second Chance Ranch Horses

Walmart Foundation, Windsor Heights Walmart, SE 14th ST Des Moines Walmart
Pet pantry food/supplies

Windsor Charitable Foundation
Veterinary Assistance & Pet Supplies

American Humane
Pet pantry food/supplies

General Operating in support of the Seymour Puppymill Rescue & Legislative Advocacy

BARK and Greater Good Charities
BARK Pet Beds for the shelter and partner shelters and rescues

Bernice Barbour Foundation
Operation CatSnip TNR

Chardonnay Foundation
Emergency Medical/Surgical care for ARL animals

Greater Goods Charities
Pet supplies for shelter pets and large scale dog rescue
Feline foster supplies

Maddie's Fund
General Operating

Martha-Ellen Tye Foundation
PAWS Prison Program

Polk County Betterment
Spay the Mother spay surgeries

Prairie Meadows Community Betterment
At-risk owned pet support services

Target Circle
Care of the Homeless Animals

Tractor Supply Company
Small animal/birds supplies

VCA Charities
Make ready for adoption spay/neuter surgery for dogs/puppies from large scale rescue

Vaccinations for Second Chance Ranch horses