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Camp Purr, Working Cats

Camp Purr cats have spent their entire lives outside of a home environment and will live their happiest lives as barn cats, shop cats or with other "mouser" jobs.

Give a Working Cat a Home

If you are interested in adopting our working cats and can provide them with food and shelter year-round, please fill out the interest form below to get started. 

Adoption fee: $25
What it includes: Each cat is spayed/neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. Because these cats are are familiar with the other cats they're living with currently, our program requires that at least two are adopted together.

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What are Working Cats?

These feral or semi-feral cats have spent their entire lives outside of a home environment but can be successfully adopted as barn cats, shop cats, or for other “mouser” jobs. The ARL's Camp Purr adoption program was created to help find these cats new homes where they can continue to live their best lives in the environment they're most comfortable with.

Our Facilities

Catty Shacks

Catty ShacksIn 2018 we completed not one, but three new transitional housing projects called “Catty Shacks” where these cats can continue to live in an indoor/outdoor environment with regular food and care while they wait to be adopted through our Camp Purr program. Catty Shack I is located inside the Women’s Correctional Facility in Mitchellville where the offenders care for the cats, and Catty Shacks II & III are located on the ARL’s main campus.