Training Class FAQ

If you're unable to find answers to questions you have about the training program, contact the Training Department at or call 515-473-9131.

How do I get started?

All registration and payment is done online. Once you find a class that works you will be walked through a step by step process.

If you prefer a more personal experience, you can call our Training Department 515-473-9131. All students must have a confirmed registration (confirmation email will be sent) before attending.

How often do I come to class?

Each class has a specific number of weeks that you will come in for class. This will be specified on the class page. For example, if you sign up for Good Manners (6 week class) starting on Tuesday at 6pm. You will be meet every Tuesday at 6pm for the next 6 weeks.

Can my kids come to class?

Yes! Our classes are family friendly. We encourage children to be involved in all parts of training classes, but for everyone's safety an adult must be present and maintain control of the dog at all times.

Please be aware other dogs in class may not be accustomed to children so we ask children to refrain from approaching other dogs, particularly without explicit permission from their owners.

What vaccinations are required?

All pets should be kept current on vaccinations in accordance with their pet's licensed veterinarian's recommendations. At minimum, puppies attending classes should have started their distemper/parvo series. All dogs’ ages 4 months old or older should be current on their rabies as well as distemper/parvo. While Bordetella is not required, it is highly recommended. Proof of vaccinations should be submitted to the ARL Training Department prior to the first day of class. Please fax your dog's vaccination records to 515-266-4549 ATTN: Dog Training Class or you may also email a copy to: Include your name, your dog's name, class and session start date.

Are classes cancelled for severe weather?

In the event of a weather cancellation, you will be notified via email 2 hours prior to your class start time. It is a good idea to check your email prior to heading out during severe weather or heavy snow. An additional class (same day and time as the class you signed up for) will be added to make-up for the cancelled session.

Will there be classes on holidays?

The Animal Rescue League of Iowa will be closed on the following holidays; New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. If your class happens to fall on one of these holidays there will not be class. This will also be noted in your “Session Notes” when you register for class.

What is your refund policy?

Please carefully consider your schedule, commitment to training, and your dog before registering for class. Our class sizes are small to ensure quality. By enrolling, you are reserving a space in one of our courses, i.e., specific sessions in specific classes (at specific times and dates). Class fees are due at time of registration and are nonrefundable. Exceptions apply only in cases of emergency, illness or class cancellation.

“Make-Up” Policy
If you do have miss a session of your class please make sure to call or email our Training Department ahead of time. To ensure quality, your Registration Fee purchases sessions in a specific class. Consequently, we do not offer “make-ups” for missed classes.

Rescheduling Policy
Requests to transfer to another class (at no extra cost) must be made at least 5 business days before the original class start-date.

Low Enrollment Policy
All classes require a minimum of 2 dogs for the class to run. In the event a class has low enrollment, we will either call or email you at least 24 hours before the class was scheduled to start to let you know there is a possibility the class may be cancelled and to offer you a full refund, or the opportunity to transfer to another class (at no extra cost).