ARL Community Events and Clinics

Community Events and Clinics

Community Outreach ClinicsOne of the primary reasons pets are relinquished to our shelter is because their owners struggle to afford or access basic veterinary care. The ARL's clinics help bridge the gap so that pets who are loved won’t have to enter our shelter, simply because their owners were unable to cover these expenses.

These costs can be out of reach for many families who are already struggling to pay rent, medical bills, child care, or other essentials. As we see daily, it’s often the pet that holds families together and provides stability and comfort when times are tough. Relinquishing a family pet permanently breaks those bonds, so the ARL strives to keep families together by making these services available.

ARL Pet Clinic, June 2, 2018: RECAP

On June 2, 2018, ARL Animal Services and the Animal Rescue League of Iowa held a free pet clinic at Hiatt Middle School in Des Moines. In just one day, we provided vaccines, microchips, and nail trims to 505 pets in need! Here are some of the wonderful family pets we met, along with the people who love them. Thank you to Hiatt Middle School for being a gracious host and to PetSmart Charities for funding our event!