Take a Stand for Iowa's Animals

Humane Action Network

The ARL Humane Action Network brings together people interested in advocating for improved animal welfare laws for the animals and people of Iowa. As a part of the network, you can make a difference! You will receive updates related to current legislative efforts and be alerted to times you can speak up to help improve animal welfare laws.

In 2020, thanks to your efforts over six long years, Iowa finally made much-needed improvements to our companion animal cruelty laws. Those improvements resulted in Iowa moving up to 38th in the nation from an embarrassing 49th in the Animal Legal Defense Fund’s state animal protection laws ranking.

While 38th is an improvement, there is much work left to do, and you can help! Sign up for Action Alerts below to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in Congress, the Iowa Legislature and local government and receive our calls to action as we continue our work to improve Iowa’s companion animal laws.

Links to more Animal Advocacy Resources:
Check out the links below for more tools for animal welfare advocates, including statistics, maps, breeder inspection reports, fact sheets, podcasts and more.

The Animal Rescue League of Iowa has participated in many legislative efforts throughout history.

1993 - Mandatory spay/neuter law passed
1994 - Animal cruelty law (H.F. 637) passed
1997 - ARL sought custody of dog in Iowa court system
2000 - Felony animal torture law passed
2001 - Passage of law against bestiality
2002 - Bill introduced to make animal fighting a felony
2004 - Felony punishment animal fight law passed
2006 - Bill to have dogs classified as livestock defeated
2007 - Legislation banning exotic pets passed
2008 - Dangerous wild animals and Pet Protection
2009 - Puppy Mill Bill
2010 - Puppy Mill Bill signed into law
2011 - Additional Puppy Mill legislation
2012 - Whistleblower Ag Bill (against)
2020 - Animal Cruelty Bill HF737: Signed into law!