TheraPets Facility Request

Please review the following before submitting request 
*The request must come from a representative of the facility wanting to become a TheraPets Partner.
*We can only consider facilities in Central Iowa at this time.
*Please be aware there may be a wait for visits and your facility may be put on a waitlist.
*Completion of the form does not ensure that we will be able to partner with you. 

*After submission, our Program Coordinator will be in contact to discuss further. 
*This form is reserved for those interested in hosting recurring visits and becoming a TheraPets Partner. If you would like TheraPets for a one-time/special event, please fill out this form.

As a non-profit, the ARL relies solely on donations to provide funding for our TheraPets program. To make a one-time or monthly donation to help support TheraPets programming in our community, click here and reference "TheraPets". 

Please note: Due to insurance regulations, TheraPets Teams are never allowed to visit private residences unless under the direct guidance and supervision of a home health care agency who is a TheraPets Partner and requests the visit on behalf of their client.

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This form is reserved for those interested in hosting recurring visits and becoming a TheraPets Partner. To request TheraPets for a one-time visit or special event, please fill out this form.

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While we strive to fulfill every visit request and do so in a timely manner, the increased demand for TheraPets has, at times, made this goal difficult to achieve. Please keep this in mind when submitting your request.