Clowder House Second Floor Renovation

Clowder House Renovation: Second Floor

A campaign to create an optimal environment for the well-being of our feline residents and to support their journey towards adoption. 

Where we are: Where we are going:

The second floor of our Clowder House currently contains multiple large condo-style kennels that allow us to co-house groups of cats and keep bonded pairs or trios of cats together during their stay.

It’s also a place for cats who need behavior modification, or those that have extended quarantine periods. The large kennels give staff and volunteers the opportunity to work one-on-one with cats in need of behavioral help. They also provide a more comfortable, enriching environment for cats who require a longer stay with us before being ready for adoption.

While these kennels have served our cats well, their current design makes cleaning time-consuming for our staff and disruptive for the cats. The difficulty our team faces in disinfecting these spaces increases the risk of disease transmission, potentially exposing our cats to health risks.

The redesigned kennels will continue to offer our cats large condo-style living spaces, while making cleaning more efficient and effective. The changes will reduce day-to-day stress on our cats and give staff and volunteers the opportunity to dedicate more quality time to each cat.

A new room layout and custom-built features will give cats in nearly all of the condos access to exterior windows for added enrichment.

The new kennels and room layout – which includes extra-large condos in the center of the room – will allow for greater flexibility during large-scale rescues and in times of increased cat population. The expanded spaces can also be used for cats who need extra room to run and play with interactive toys or other cat friends, promoting their mental well-being.

Lastly, the new design will visually be more inviting and welcoming for potential adopters, providing a more fulfilling visitation experience when looking for their newest family member in the Clowder House.

How you can help

Naming Opportunities

Naming opportunities are a great way to help cats in need and be part of their journey as well honor/memorialize a loved one, family member or pet.

$5,000 - Name a cat condo; recognition included on a condo. 

$3,000 - Provide furniture for the felines in our care; recognition included on wall plaque on the second floor of Clowder House.

Symbolic Gifts

Make a gift that will enrich their lives by providing daily care, behavior support, and many other essential needs!

$2,000 Stock the kennels. Help supply litter, bowls that help with whisker aversion, and cat scratchers to allow cats to display natural behaviors.

$1,000 Enrich their lives. Supply cat toys or treats to provide enrichment and stimulate their minds. 

$500 Socialize. Supply baby food and tuna to help socialize some of our most shy/fearful cats.

$250 Reduce Stress. Supply Feliway, a calming pheromone that helps reduce stress and promote happiness in cats during their stay. 

For more information or to contact our team, please check out this handout