Full Bellies Food Fund

Full Bellies Food Fund

One of the biggest challenges animal shelters face when feeding the pets in their care is digestive issues caused by frequent food changes. Gastrointestinal issues are not only uncomfortable for pets, they cause animals to stay in the shelter longer while those issues are cleared up – which sadly, means they have to wait longer to find a home.

For decades the animals at the ARL have been fed bag-by-bag thanks to the generosity of people who have purchased and donated pet food directly to our shelter. We could have never done it without this support, but in 2020 we bagan a new and improved way to help feed the pets at the ARL – while ensuring they can find homes even faster!

Thanks to our new partnership with Hill’s Food, Shelter & Love program and Oxbow, we are now able to purchase pet food at an extremely discounted rate, which allows your donation to help even more animals. For example, $31 will feed one cat and one dog for a month – that’s just $1 a day!

Full Bellies Food Fund

It also ensures a consistent, high-quality diet for the cats and dogs in our care. Within the first month, we went from 10% of our dog and cat population experiencing digestive issues to just two pets in our care!

The Full Bellies Food Fund also fulfills our need for small animals. Through our partnership with Oxbow, we are able to provide a consistent and high-quality diet to the smaller pets in our care, such as rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, rats, chinchillas,  gerbils and hamsters.

How you can help

Instead of buying a bag of food and bringing it to the shelter, please donate to our Full Bellies Food Fund, not only will we be able to make your dollar go further by purchasing more food than what you would be able to buy in stores or online, you will also help keep pets healthy and happy on their journey to their new homes. 

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