Bailey's Bark Park

Bailey's Bark Park

In 2010, the ARL opened a dog park called "Bailey's Bark Park", named after an ARL Alumni, Bailey. Bailey's Bark Park is primarily a place for dogs in adoption to be able to get out and run and play with the restrictions of a leash, but it is also open for private rentals! The park is 34, 583 sq. feet and is a great space for agility matches, shows, outdoor parties, etc.

Bailey’s Bark Park is perfect for multi-dog households who want the fun of a dog park, but without all of the unknown dogs. It's also great for dogs that don’t have access to an enclosed area to run around.

1995 - Bailey's Story

Bailey's Bark ParkBailey was just another dog to everyone at the dog jog event, but he made an impression on Karen Shaff, Steve Jayne and their Springer Spaniel, Maggie. They saw Bailey, a Setter/Spaniel mix, at the ARL's dog jog event and a few days later, they called the Animal Rescue League. The following weekend, Bailey was invited over for a formal introduction. That introduction went so well that upon getting a tour of their home, Bailey claimed it as his by marking a potted plant in the living room. Bailey was named "top dog" in his obedience class regardless of the fact he missed the first class. He has frequently chosen to ignore Karen and Steve, typically when he prefers to focus his attention on wildlife. Bailey has had numerous close encounters with wildlife, including many raccoons, possum and deer, a few skunk and one porcupine. Bailey is very attached to his family which today includes two other former ARL wards, Cassidy and Harry. Bailey has a great life but he'll never forget the other animals that were looking for a home when he was chosen.

That's why Bailey's Bark Park was built: to give all of the animals at the ARL what they deserve-the ability to run without confinement, to explore the outdoors, and to feel the wind on their face-a first for many, but certainly not the last. In 2010, Bailey took the first lap around his bark park

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