PerPETual Care Foster

Our PerPETual Care program offers pet owners a way to care for their pets in the event that their pets outlive them. This program includes all types of pets, and foster homes foster these pets long term.

How it works

  • The pets in this program either stay in the foster home for the remainder of their life or, if deemed adoptable, stay in the foster home until they are adopted.
  • Foster homes receive financial reimbursement for food, toys, medical/surgical care, etc., for animals in this program.
  • Foster homes agree to provide regular updates on the pet and allow home visits if requested.
  • If the pet is available for adoption, foster families agree to bring the pet to the ARL to meet with potential adopters, or, depending on the pet's needs, work with the ARL foster team to set a time for potential adopters to meet the pet at the foster home.

These animals could arrive at any time, and our goal is to have them in a foster home within 72 hours.