Shelter Dog Getaway

The purpose of the Shelter Dog Getaway program is to give dogs a chance to get out of the shelter and enjoy the home life they deserve. Fostering a dog saves lives and frees up kennel space for other dogs who arrive at the shelter each day!

Shelter Dog Getaway Details

  • The ARL will continue to promote each dog through normal adoption channels, including the website and media, but foster homes are encouraged to find adopters, too! Let your friends, coworkers, and family know how amazing they are!
  • Foster families are encouraged to keep the ARL updated on what you observe about the dog so we can help find them a home that is a great fit.
  • You get to do all the fun things you would do with your own dog: take them on walks, to the park, to events and more – we’ll even supply a vest they can wear that shows they’re available for adoption!

How It Works

The ARL will:

  • Provide a healthy, adoptable dog for you to temporarily house
  • Fully vaccinate and microchip each dog
  • Recommend which dog will fit your current household and provide integration advice for any current pets
  • Provide ongoing behavior advice as needed

Getaway providers will:

  • Commit to housing the dog for a week, a month, or longer if needed
  • Sign a foster home agreement
  • Provide supplies needed for the dog to enjoy their getaway (i.e. food, toys)