Shelter Dog Getaway

The purpose of the Shelter Dog Getaway program is to give long-term ARL resident dogs a chance to get out of the shelter and enjoy the in-home life they deserve.

Our Shelter Dog Getaway program gives dogs a vacation from the shelter, in your home, until they’re adopted. You get to do all of the fun things you would do with your own dog:  take them on a walk, to the park, to events and more – and we’ll supply a vest they can wear that shows they’re available for adoption so they can meet potential adopters along the way. You can also promote them to your friends, coworkers, family and on social media. Best part? You get to PICK who gets to adopt your vacationing dog (we will explain how).

This program allows the adoptable dogs at the ARL a break from the shelter while exposing them to adopters throughout the community who may not have even been looking for a dog (or another dog). It also allows us to free up kennel space for the dozens more dogs who arrive at the shelter each day.