Shelter Dog Getaway

You can make an immediate and lasting impact on the life of a pet in need as a dog foster volunteer through our Shelter Dog Getaway program.

The purpose of the Shelter Dog Getaway program is to give dogs a chance to get out of the shelter and enjoy the home life they deserve. Whether it is a dog healing after surgery and receiving life-saving medications, or a dog who just needs the comfort and love that only a home can provide – the Shelter Dog Getaway program is a way to truly make a difference.

Being a dog foster volunteer also means being able to promote an adoptable dog to your friends, coworkers, family, and on social media. You get to do all of the fun things you would do with your own dog: take them on walks, to the park, to events and more – we’ll even supply a vest that they can wear that shows they’re available for adoption!

Fostering a dog in your home saves lives and frees up kennel space for dogs who arrive at the shelter each day. By becoming a dog foster through our Shelter Dog Getaway program, you will truly be making a difference for all pets in need at the ARL.

Interested in learning more? Contact the Foster & Transport Supervisor at 515-473-9108 or by email.