Silver Paw Senior Pets

Silver Paw Senior Pets FosterThe ARL’s Silver Paw Senior Pets program is for senior pets who have lived with an elderly person who has passed away or has been moved to a residential facility and is unable to keep their pet. This foster program would give the pet(s) a cozy home until they're adopted or through the end of their life.

How Silver Paw Senior Pets Works

The ARL will:

  • Provide all medical care and costs as needed and approved by the ARL’s veterinary staff.
  • Provide one-on-one training and detailed information about the pet’s care, personality, medical needs and any restrictions.
  • Along with the foster home will make decisions together when the quality of life has diminished for the foster animal and euthanasia may be needed.
  • Encourage and support the foster home to be with their foster dog/cat when the foster animal makes their transition.

Foster homes will:

  • Care for and love the foster animal, and provide safety, comfort, compassion, dignity and respect.
  • Provide supplies needed for foster animal: bed, toys, food, treats, enrichment and grooming as needed for the foster animal. The ARL can provide assistance for these items if needed.
  • Communicate regularly with the Silver Paw coordinator to share updates or any concerns or questions in regard to the foster animal’s health or behavior.
  • Coordinate any medical appointments and provide transport for the foster animal with the Silver Paw coordinator.
  • Make the decision with the ARL veterinary/medical staff on when to euthanasia is appropriate to end suffering.
  • Complete the application process and sign foster home agreement.

Sponsor a Silver Paw Senior Pet

If you are unable to foster but would like to sponsor a Silver Paw Senior Pet or the program here are some ways you can help:

  • Sponsor a foster by helping with medical costs and supplies needed.
  • Donate items specific items needed for the pets such as special food, medication (ordered by ARL vet), supplements, bed and toys.