Group Volunteers

Group Volunteering

Operations are always moving within the Animal Rescue League of Iowa and every day brings new and different opportunities for group volunteers! We often have larger projects suitable for volunteer groups and events requiring unique needs. Due to insurance requirements, however, we are unable to allow group volunteers to work hands-on with the pets. Therefore, we try to identify a project before bringing you on-site to volunteer.

The first and easiest way for large groups to have an impact is to hold a donation drive for the ARL. We will inform you about our most-needed items, and then coordinate a time for you to bring in any donations. You can find a list of needed items here.

Another option is a one-time group volunteer project. These can be done on site or off site. If you will be volunteering off-site, we would provide you with instructions on what types of enrichment items can be handmade and brought in. If you wish to volunteer on-site, we would do something similar or identify a project that we need help with. It could be anything from cleaning shelter areas to picking up trash outdoors to completing landscaping projects to making enrichment items for the animals. These opportunities are on an as-needed basis, so please be flexible.

We also have events that we need help staffing. These are not typically on site, but they are still highly beneficial for the shelter and animals. 

Once you decide what best fits the goals for your team's experience, complete the form below, and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Field Trip Group Volunteering

Do you have a group of students or troop of scouts that want to make an impact?

Complete the form below, and we will do our best to accommodate your request.