Silvercord or School Hours

Public volunteers fulfilling their Silvercord or school volunteer hours make an impact by helping with the many daily chores that need attention within the shelter.

If you have 48+ hours to complete

If you are a student who has more than 48 hours to complete, you should go through the new volunteer process and determine a volunteer position that will fit them best. By going through the new volunteer process you will to meet the volunteer requirements.

Become a New Volunteer

If you have less than 48 hours to complete

For this role, you can sign up for public volunteering shifts. Please note, this type of volunteer opportunity isn't able to handle the animals.

To find a public volunteering shift, please follow the link below to create a public volunteering account and schedule yourself for shifts. Public volunteering shifts are offered every day between 8am and 4pm.

Become a Public Volunteer