I found injured wildlife

I found injured wildlife

Who to call for assistance

If you encounter an animal or wildlife that is sick or injured, please call one of the following agencies for assistance.

Please note: ARL Animal Services cannot remove healthy wild animals like skunks, geese, or coyotes from a location and anyone who needs help should visit the Iowa Department of Natural Resources website for solutions, or call (515) 725-8200.

In Des Moines and Polk County

DMPD Non Emergency Dispatch: (515) 283-4811
Polk County Dispatch: (515) 286-3333

Everywhere Else

Please call your local non-emergency police line or the city's animal services and inform them of the situation.

How to know if a baby wild animal needs help

Is that cute, helpless baby wild animal really abandoned? In spring and summer, people frequently find baby wild animals who fall from trees or mysteriously seem to appear, and they assume the babies are orphaned. Whether or not an animal is orphaned depends on the animal's age and species, circumstances and how accurately their behavior is interpreted.

Learn More

For a current full list of DNR approved Iowa Wildlife Rehabilitators go here or here.

Iowa Wildlife Center

The Iowa Wildlife Center is an ARL transfer partner that provides professional wildlife rescue, medical treatment and rehabilitation of native wildlife in central Iowa.

(515) 233-1379
328 Main Street, Suite 208
Ames, IA 50010