I want to help reunite pets

Sometimes, all it takes to help reunite a pet with its family is a keen eye and the ability to connect the dots. A little bit of detective work will mean a pet could find its way home!

An Introduction to Reuniting Lost Pets

Our live Q&A webinar with Director of Animal Services Joe Stafford walks you through the process of reuniting pets, what to do if your pet goes missing, if you've found a pet, and answers audience-submitted questions.

Start scanning posts for lost and found pets

Not everyone that loses a pet will post to all websites. You can help greatly by comparing lost pet posts with found pet posts across these websites to find a match!

Remember: Pets that are taken in by the city of Des Moines and Polk County will be posted to PetcoLoveLost.org and IowaPetAlert.com.

Post signs in your neighborhood

Pet Found sign

ARL Animal Services has lawn signs available for residents and volunteers to use and can be placed on your lawn along with a photo of a pet you are attempting to reunite with its family.

Email our Team

Sign up to be an official volunteer

You'll receive official information from the ARL Animal Services or Pet Support Services teams about opportunities to help in your neighborhood, or volunteering.

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