Home Sweet Home

The Animal Rescue League of Iowa has developed the “Home Sweet Home” program to help people find great, loving homes for their pets while the pets remain in their home until an adopter can be identified.

By participating in the Home Sweet Home program, you will be able to meet potential adopters and keep your pet in his/her familiar environment until the right home comes along.

How It Works

The ARL will:

  • Provide vaccinations, microchip, and spay/neuter surgery at NO CHARGE to you; as well as other medical care if needed (i.e. flea treatment, dental, etc.)
  • Help find a new home by introducing potential adopters that would provide the right home for your cat(s) or dog(s) based on personality and needs, as well as include the pet’s profile on the ARL website as a pet available for adoption.
  • Charge a reduced adoption fee to cover some of the costs of the vet services ($65/dog and $50/cat)

The owner will:

  • Give the ARL permission to provide veterinary care and find an adopter for the pet(s)
  • House the pet(s) until adopters can be identified
  • Meet with potential adopters and tell them about the pet

Home Sweet Home