Rabbit Supply List


  • Roomy cage with a solid floor (2'x3' min. for avg. size bunny)
  • Litter box (in cage)
  • Pellet bowl or feeder
  • Water bottle/crock
  • Toys (chew and toss) Running Space Indoors
  • Bunny-proofed room(s)
  • Litter box
  • Toys (chew and dig) Outdoors
  • Fenced patio/porch/playpen (with floor)

Food & Drink

  • Limited pellets daily
  • Fresh water
  • Timothy or grass hay/straw (for digestive fiber and chewing recreation)
  • Fresh greens (lead lettuce, parsley, cilantro - variety is good)
  • Very small amount of sugary fruits or veggies as a treat (a couple of slices of banana, apple or strawberry)
  • Wood (untreated, for chewing recreation)


  • Flea comb
  • Brush
  • Toenail clippers Supplies
  • Dust-free litter (Gentle Touch or Yesterday's News, CareFresh, compressed wood pellets)
  • Whiskbroom/dustpan
  • White vinegar (for urine accidents)
  • Hand vacuum
  • Newspapers