Adolescent Puppy

This class encourages socialization and gives you support and knowledge to teach your puppy desired behaviors to live peacefully in your home.

ADOLESCENT PUPPY class is for dogs 15 weeks to 6 months at start of class. This class will give your puppy an opportunity to continue valuable socialization while at the same time providing you with the needed support and knowledge to teach your puppy the behaviors they need to live peaceably in your home. Whether your puppy has already been through Puppy Kindergarten or has reached the age of 15 weeks without having attended Kindergarten, this class will enable you to improve your pup's skills such as:

  • Walking politely on a leash
  • Coming when called
  • Brief sits, downs, and stays
  • Games to help your pup absolutely love their crate
  • And other lessons

This class meets once a week for six weeks. The first week of Adolescent Puppy is orientation only - dogs do not attend the first week of class.

Does your dog consistently react strongly to humans or other dogs?

Reactive dogs have a hard time focusing on their owner during the class making it hard for them to learn and retain the information they are being taught. If you are unsure if your dog will be successful in a group training class, a Drop-In training class is a great way to see if your dog is able to learn in the busy environment our training center provides.

If you have any concerns about the behaviors your dog displays, please email or call (515) 473-9131.


This class is $125. Fees for classes are subject to change and are non-refundable.


Click on the button below and scroll to find the class date you would like to attend. You will be walked through the online registration process. Payment will be through the online registration system. No registration will be considered confirmed without payment.