Caring for Community Cat Colonies

Feeding and Care

  • Remove any uneaten food within 30 minutes. Leaving food overnight can attract insects and wildlife. If the cats usually eat all of the food within 15 minutes, try putting out a bit more. If there is consistently food remaining after 30 minutes, try putting out less.
  • Provide fresh water. In the summer, provide lots of water to prevent dehydration. During the winter, try wider, deeper bowls to prevent water from freezing.
  • Choose one place to feed and keep it clean. We recommend creating a “feeding station” for all food dishes. You can feed on disposable plates or bowls, but be sure to throw them away or recycle immediately after use.

Deter insects

  • Build a “moat” around food bowls. Place the bowls in a tray filled with about an inch of water.
  • Use ant-proof bowls. 

Keep Everything Clean
You’ll reduce unpleasant smells and the neighbors will thank you.

Create Litter Areas
Build a box with 2’x4’s or use a sandbox. This will keep cats from relieving themselves in neighborhood gardens. Be sure the litter area is in a quiet, sheltered space and clean it regularly. Sand can withstand weather, but regular indoor litter cannot.

Provide Safe Shelters
Cats need warm, dry places to stay that are away from populated areas.